We – Swiss board for the Schneller schools (SVS) – are proud

We are very proud, that we could contribute to the construction of the organ in the JLSS-Church. This Instrument is a great highlight in very dark year for the school because of the state-arranged salary increase, which resulted in the closure of the upper classes.

For the new school year, we pay the annual salary for a class teacher. It is also very important to us that all classes can be taught at the JLSS

again. We are very grateful for the enormous efforts that were undertaken by the school Director George Haddad and the school board that the whole school offer can take place again on the new school year.
As every year I visited the JLSS in November, last time accompanied by the new Swiss-Board (SVS) member Tobias Hoenger. He was very interested in school education, as he works in Switzerland in school supervision. I was happy to show him a well-functioning school with many happy children. Of course he too was impressed by the football field and the well maintained buildings. So he will make known the work in this school in his environment and contribute to the fact that we can continue to financially support the school in the future as we did since the groundbreaking of the JLSS, where a Swiss pastor was involved.

May work for children from difficult family circumstances continue to be under God’s blessing.

Rev. Ursus Waldmeier

President of SVS